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Fearless into Tech is a non-profit initiative from women for women.

What brings us together is our strong will to hack into the digital sector, regardless of lacking a technical career background or related education.

Our community offers women a safe space to acquire new digital skills at their own pace, while at the same time building own networks, supporting each other and keeping track of individual and common goals.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the Tech Sector more accessible for women and minorities from outside the sector, seeking for a career change from non-tech to tech.

Due to the latent gender gap in the sector, we mainly focus on offering women a safe and solidarious space to acquire new digital skills at their own pace, while having access to free learning resources, peer-support and guidance by professional mentors.

While we believe in skill transferability and human potential, we also believe that closing the gender gap in the Tech Sector requires a common effort. Acknowledging our stereotypes and biases towards the sector can help shifting our perception of tech related professions.

At Fearless into Tech we want to inspire our community members by showcasing stories of diverse role models and their very diverse career paths into Tech, and tech companies by showcasing that talent and skill development is neither static nor dependent on certificates / titles, but rather driven by the unlimited human drive to learn, explore and create.


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Eli von Radecki


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A nomad and a lifelong learner. Eli strongly believes that everyone is able to learn everything and unleash their full potential, when given equal opportunities.

She founded FIT to motivate people to fearlessly dive into tech and explore how far they can get with the support of a community and despite of their background. Since moving to Denmark in 2017, Eli has succesfully transitioned from Social Sciences to Tech and is looking forward to further developing her technical skills.

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Claudia Meier


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A Political Scientist, Claudia has previously worked within research. After relocating to Copenhagen, she made a career change into the private sector and she currently works full time as an Intellectual Property specialist.

Gender diversity and women’s empowerment have always been issues she has been passionate about. While doing her masters, coding and data analytics piqued her curiosity but she was always too scared to try it out. When Eli came up with the idea behind the Fearless into Tech community, it was a perfect fit.

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Kübra Uzun

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A software design student with a passion for interaction design. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Communication and IT, she decided to get a more technical perspective on software design processes, and thus enrolled as a Software Design student at the IT University of Copenhagen.

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Cristiana Man

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While working as Software Engineer, Cristiana has seen a lack of representation of women in the IT workforce. So she hopes to inspire and spark interest towards programming, bring more women to to the industry and create a more diverse workforce. Contributes to Fearless into Tech through technical mentorship, maintaing the landing page, and other operational tasks.


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Leila dos Santos

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Loves everything that is related to User Experience, Digital Business and Diversity in Tech and always has the time and the enthusiasm to be involved in projects like Fearless Into Tech, that provide opportunities for women to learn tech skills.

A career changer, Leila has worked hard to become a frontend developer. Her outstanding contribution to developing Fearless into Tech's website, not only showcases the high quality of her work but also demonstrates a successful example of community synergy.

Leila is a freelance developer based out of the UK and open for new assignments.