Donate resources

We are constantly looking for free learning resources, certification possibilities and hand on opportunities for our community, as well as for supporting working software (from Office to Slack) for our association - please reach out to:

Donate time

Our learning circles are self organised and self taught entities of max 5 participants each. We are looking for mentors who can guide them along their learning path and help them overcome their learning related challenges. If you are a python or web development expert and want to share your knowledge with a highly motivated and international community, please reach out to:

Share your knowledge

We are constantly looking for diverse role models, to share their knowledge with our community.
In our webinar series “What the tech?...”, we are joined every month by female professionals working in different areas of the tech sector. By sharing their knowledge and insights, they actively contribute to making the sector more accessible to all. Do you want to share your knowledge? Don't hesitate to contact us!